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"Stones are the bones of the earth"
Leonardo Di Vinci

Wise Tree with Kin
30" Dia. Hemp Artwork

You can choose up to five colors  for your painting.  Colors that  match a rooms décor or just your favorite colors!  Blending of those colors will produce other colors that harmonize the overall effect of your painting. If you prefer the artist can choose the colors for your artwork.

Dried medium is covered with a primer, acrylic paints and gloss, satin or matte fixative to protect the finish. Panels are painted with a choice of one Fleckstone color and has the look of colored stone.

Enhancements installed on artwork can be added for a beautiful and unique contrast. Fleckstone is sprayed on the sculpted medium, see available colors below.

Acrylic Colors
Lapis (blue)
Turquoise (light blue)
Malachite (green)
Jade (light green)
Coral (red)
Garnet (dark red)
Topaz (yellow)
Citrine (orange)
Amethyst (purple)
Teracotta (brown)
Sandstone (beige)
Obsidian (black)
Alabaster (white)


FleckStone Colors

Serpentine Marble
Rose Quartz
Canyon Rock
Santa Fe Sand
Manhattan Mist
Gotham Gray
Monet's Garden
Hunter Green
Ancient Ruins
Pebble Creek
Celestial Sky
Desert Spice
Tortoise Shell
       Stone Blue

Fleckstone Panels are just as durable as our hand painted artwork. Each panel is sealed with an acrylic clear coat for moisture protection.

You can make arrangements to pick up your artwork at my studio in San Diego, California. 




Painted & Sculpted Glyph
Vault for your Valuables or what ever fits inside!

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