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Click on the links below to see more of my artwork or learn about the Eco Friendly companies byproduct dust I use in my Earthwerks Art and Design. 

Ecor Evolution
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COEIO for Eco Friendly Burials

Bio Urn to become a plant or tree!

PROMESSA replaces traditional cremation

My studio uses sustainable ecological friendly byproduct material from ECOR Global, Hemp-Technologies, Coconut Husk and Bamboo fibers.

E-mail for inquiries about ordering
Custom Memorial Artwork.

Voice Mail or Text artist at 602-473-5612

Mixtek design artist
D.R. Ortega with SOL Artwork

"I work with my hands, with things that come from nature, sustainable resources from the earth"

  "I have my eyes between my fingers and what I see, I touch."
   Sor. Juana Inez de la Cruz
Artwork takes three to four weeks to complete depending on workload. You will be notified after three weeks of the shipping status. 

This page includes links to other sites that have that have to do with my activity & interests. If you notice any broken links, please let me know by E-Mailing me.