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Installations & Enhancements
  • Enhancements of small  stones like agate, quartz crystal, amethyst, turquoise and hematite.  Colored glass globs  or marbles are  available. You can mix or match  any these items to be installed into the artwork you choose.
  • Reflective  stained glass or mirror enhancements are available. You can mix or match these items to be installed into the artwork you choose. Shape and size will vary depending on size, design and layout of artwork. All glass is hand cut.
  • Fine colored sand in  many colors  can to be used in the recessed areas of your custom artwork. It gives  the work  a sand painted look. Colors chosen will be used throughout the work for balance and contrast.
  • We offer a 11"x 11"  maximum mirror size of any shape installed in the center of a bigger  canvas.  Mirror will be installed with approximately one inch of sculpted   medium on canvas (lip) covering the   mirror.   Custom frames can have larger glass or mirror installed if picked up at Art Studio.  
  • For those who  wish to have personal symbols in their  artwork. You can personalize  it with small or   large  symbols. Symbols are hand made from the medium and will vary in size depending on size of work.

  • Metallic highlights of gold, silver and copper can be applied to the surface of the painting. These are waxed based finishes. Highlights  applied to each  work surface will be reflective.


  • Lighting enhancements  use  Premier Canvas  with stained glass installed  over hand cut  portals (windows). Fluorescent  bars (corded) or battery operated diode lights installed inside for a beautiful lighted work.  corded  fluorescent  Windows of Light are brighter than battery operated diode lights.


  •  Corded light fixtures  are more involved work. Minimum  canvas size  for "Windows of Light" is 18 x 24. Larger works can accommodate more lighting fixtures inside the work. Please inquire about custom   installations of light work and  type wanted. Solar are available for   outdoor patio and sun  lit areas.
Layout and design of all enhancements & installations  ordered are strictly the choice of  the artist, unless special instructions given and approved by artist.
Please indicate which enhancements you want installed, including how many of them  on your  custom painting, panel, frame or vault.





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