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Roberto's Thai Bliss is a two thousand year old holistic bodywork technique (traditional Northern Thailand Massage) which incorporates accupressure, yoga and somatic movement. This exchange of healing energy is what Thai Bliss embodies. Roberto also combines his Thai Bliss techniques & Alpha exercise with various handheld stones that is part of his Rock Yoga Bodywork.

Rock Yoga is my personally developed form of yoga which I have practiced over 15 years. Rock Yoga is performed on natural rock formations where the body conforms to the rock. This system includes auto massage with stones of different shapes and sizes.

I also teach Alpha exercise which is a series of movements using hand held stones and breath work. Personal instruction is available for on site Rock Yoga (outdoors) and  Alpha exercise (indoors) by appointment for $10.00 per hour. A signed release of liability is required for this instruction and you must meet required health conditions. 

Rio Chacalapa, Oaxaca

Rock Yogi

My field manual called, "Rock Yoga an Energetic Experience" is available in 8.5" x 11" paper back format. For those interested in learning Rock Yoga the manual will provide photos and instructions on how to perform this transforming exercise on natural rock formations. Rocks hold earth's magnetic energy and contain our history of the world. Learn how to tap into that energy and revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

My field manual is only $20.00 for those interested in learning auto massage with stones and rocks, meditation, exercise, and Rock Yoga. Thai Bliss and Rock Yoga Bodywork are trademarks of "The Rock Yoga BodyWorks Co"..  I'm a certified bodyworker , and have practiced extensively in Mexico and the United States for over 5 years.

Free spirits who prefer deep tissue bodywork and have no serious illness or medical problems like heart conditions, osteoperosis, cancer or under medical supervision,  can experience this holistic & energetic bodywork. My rate is very reasonable at $45.00* per hour. I recommend two hours for Thai Bliss bodywork to complete the traditional five body positions..

*Note: Second hour is $35.00.  Instructional hours for on site Rock Yoga practice or alpha movement exercise are to be arranged. Rates on this website are for USA and Canada only. Hourly rates are discounted 50% in Mexico and Thailand, see Http:// for more info. 


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