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Born in Los Angeles, Califoria Daniel "Roberto" Ortega majored in fine arts and was a 3 year letterman in high school gymnastics.  He attended several community colleges and learned drafting, photography, design and traditional Hatha Yoga. His fine art career turned into a technical profession where he drafted  for 13 years. All the while pursuing his personal interest in art, meditation and exercise. His extensive travel to Southern Mexico and Central America gave him deeper insight into his relationship with the ancient Mayan and Zapotec cultures. His many adventures were discovering the ancient ruins and natural rock formations in Oaxaca and Guatamala. Those mystical power sites gave him the divine inspiration to work with the natural energy of the rock forms he encountered. Roberto realized the potential of using the natural resources that nature provides as an artist, and the wonderful mental, emotional and physical transformation that took place performing his yoga and breathwork on natural rock formations.

While living in Los Angeles Roberto was very involved with Arica a mystical school. Learning new forms of meditation, sacred dance, and exercise, he incorporated his experience from the school into his own Rock Yoga practice. His auto massage using various sizes and shapes of what he calls "stone tools" found in the field was developed from his knowledge of massage.

Roberto moved to Laguna Beach, California in 1983. As a draftsman for a utility planning company in San Clemente he learned about excavation and earth science, which in turn influnced his personal artwork. Laguna Beach is an art colony and Roberto was impressed by the artists of the community in many ways. He also lived in Scottsdale, Arizona where the red buttes and galleries of  Old Town gave him more "grist for the mill". Retreats to Sedona, Arizona was instrumental to discovering his spirit quest. Finally seeking the high desert mountains of Real de Catorce, Mexico in 1997 where he intergrated his personal power. The red rock earth of Arizona and green clay earth of Oaxaca has a sacred meaning for Roberto and he uses that natural resource in his TeraStone artwork.


* My Rock Yoga practice is a personal account of transformation
through the use of stones for
auto massage and rock forms for Yoga practice.

What a trip!

Roberto in one of his Rock Yoga positions in Rio Chacalapa, Oaxaca. The positions are limited only to your ability and imagination. His book is just a guide to get you there. Rocks and stones have always been used by shamans because they are the "Bones of the Earth" and contain our history. Omateol

Favorite Mystical Sites:

Canyon Creek, Sedona, Arizona.
Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona.

Canyon de Charco botanical gardens of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Real de Catorce, San Luis de Patosi, Mexico.
Pena Bernal, Queretero, Mexico.
Playa Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico.

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