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Welcome to Cannabis for the Senior Community. This is about helping seniors overcome mental, emotional and physical pain with medical cannabis, with a doctor's recommendation. It is not about recreational cannabis. Although you do not need a recommended cannabis card for recreational cannabis. If your medical doctor is not willing to work with you concerning medical cannabis seek out a naturopathic doctor for a recommendation.

I’m a testimonial to the amazing effects of cannabis dominant Sativa, Hybrids and Indica strains. I’ve tested them all and found Sativa works best for me during the day. Hybrids are just a combination of Sativa and Indica plant strains genetically blended into the plant. The dominant strain will give the desired effect. Sativa will Stimulate, Hybrids Relax and Indica sedate mind, emotions and body, in that order.

I’ve researched and connected to Cannabis and Hemp advocates for many years. This is a good time to offer my website, “CannabisForSeniors.Org” for Cannabis/CBD information, resources and related articles from industry magazines. Including a DYI recipe for oral tinctures, topical oils, cookies and creams. DYI is the economical way to go and save money!

The CBD’s in hemp are beneficial as a natural medicine for the whole body. Many people can’t tolerate the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in Cannabis, thus CBD only concentrates can be used. Industrial hemp growth is on the rise to a robust market. CBD product prices will drop with competition. DYI (Do It Yourself) projects for homemade medicine will also impact the Cannabis and Hemp industry.

 CBD’s (cannabinoids) and are present in all Cannabis strains, including Hemp plant strains. When I refer to Hemp I’m talking about Industrial Hemp that has no psychotropic effect. Our farmers will soon be able to commercially grow and sell to Hemp and CBD markets.

Cannabis For Seniors is only for reference and information.  Please ask your doctor first before trying any type of Cannabis. Learning how Cannabis/Hemp is being used to heal the planet and its inhabitants can only make you feel better contributing to humanity from the ground up.