Stone Sweat Lodge to be built.

Dear Friends--

Greetings everyone!
Rock Yoga in Oaxaca? Of course, that's where it all started. And now we wish to continue the Rock Yoga experience with a traditional rock dome sweat lodge to purify our bodies and mind. We have the power spot to build this wonderful addition to the village.

Roberto has offered his building lot at Shambhala to create a temescalli (sweat lodge) for purification. The rock enclosure will be built from tumbled ocean rocks gathered from Shrimp Bay (Bahia Cameron) just below our meditation point.

Each stone will be special and dedicated to those who contribute to this ongoing project until finsihed. Cement, rebar and labor of love will be needed to complete this healing addition to Shambhala Village.

We need vouluteers and contributors to help build this wonderful temescalli project. In exchange for your contributions you will receive a 5 year membership to use the sweat lodge at no cost during its operation. Non members will pay a fee to use the temescalli to cover the operational cost. This sacred stone structure will be a blessing to all those who use it for purification and ceremony.

Sea salt scrubs will also be offered along with Rock Yoga auto massage lessons. Stay tuned!

Kana Benzaa

P.S. My amazing sister Gloria is looking for someone to rent or lease the Restaurant, coffee house and day bar on the beach, please put the word out and check out her website at:
Last updated July 26/2001
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