In the early morning you can often see Yoga, Tai-Chi and other exercises being performed on the main beach. Body surfing is a popular sport in the afternoon. We usually have massage therapists staying at the village, so take advantage of their talents! In the late evening you can dance at one of the Cantinas in town or just enjoy the Milky Way galaxy!

We sometimes get traveling musicians performing at Shambhala in the afternoon or evening. Many of our guests feel that the best recreation is simply a cool dip in the ocean, sunbathing on our white sandy beach, lounging in a hammock with a good book or practicing "Rock Yoga" at the base of the Shambhala Village cliff or beyond Shrimp Bay in the back of Shambhala. There you will discover caves, crevices and rock forms to mold your body. This is where it all started!

If you don't already have my book, "Rock Yoga an Energetic Experience" and wish to learn how to perform this incredible transformative exercise and yoga.

Please order one from: Robert G. Murray P.O. Box 4508 San Diego, Calif. 92164-4508. For the amount of $15. dollars in check or money order.

Price includes shipping and handling. Don't forget to enclose your return address. Please allow two weeks for delivery within the United States. Foreign orders will be taken on special request via my E-Mail address
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