How times have changed, we use to ride donkey's and horses! Now you can find Avis or Budget rent a car counters at the Huatulco(HUX) or Escondido (PXM)airports. The price is comparable to those in the U.S.A., expensive by Mexico's standard. But having a car is like having a magic carpet ride, except you have to buy gas!


Years ago we would seek out a Medicine Man or Curandero when we felt ill or had an accident, but now we can to go to the Doctor! The Centro de Salud (medical clinic) is in the town of Pochutla and is very modern and somewhat organized. Yes they have real doctors and will be happy to treat you. We also have lifeguards on the beach of Zipolite during the high season. A much needed service because of the strong currents and riptides. Please be aware of the tide!
Last updated July 26/2001
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