Thai Bodywork can be categorized as:
Relaxtation, Reduction of Pain, Reduction of Swelling/Edema, Increase Range of Motion, Management of Stress, Passive Exercise, Detoxification of Soft Tissue, And Maintaining a Healthy Mind/Body Connection.

The recipient of deep tissue bodywork is ready, able and willing to surrender their muscular tension and emotional stress. Thai massage is an intimate interaction involving intense physical contact, trust is imperative. The client can undress to his or her level of comfort.

Thai Bliss can be performed with clothing on, but the clothing should be loose, light and unrestrictive to allow for unhindered movements.

Wearing jewelry and tight clothing are not recommended during a massage session. The client will recline on a futon. The surface should be firm, a soft surface tends to absorb the pressure I'm trying to generate. The futon is at floor level which is traditional for Thai massage.
Last updated July 26/2001
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