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Name:  Ashwork Design Concepts

Location:  Phoenix, Arizona
Birthday:  14 November, 1953
Bio:  Recognized as a talented artist at Woodrow Wilson Jr. High School, I was invited to attend Otis Parsons Art Institute in Los Angeles, California, for Summer scholarships in 1967 & 1968. Life drawing classes and recycling art projects inspired me to pursue fine art in College. My college curriculum included graphic design, architecture, technical illustration, electronic drafting & photography. I was also influenced by cremation and the art of embalming working for Kiefer & Eyerick mortuary in Glendale, California while I attended Glendale Community College. Education in manual drafting continued and I drafted part time for a computer power supply company in Orange County, California. Eventually I became a senior draftsman for a utility planning company in San Clemente, California. I also worked for the Salt River Project & Arizona Public Service engineering departments as a draftsman. I worked 13 years in the drafting field until manual drafting became obsolete and was replaced by computer aided drafting. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona and create my hand sculpted bas-relief designs from the organic medium I developed. The medium dries hard and has the appearance of stone. I paint the finished design with acrylic or bio "green seal" paints. Enhancing the work with sand, glass, stones and metalic finishes make a natural pronounced contrast between the sculpted and painted medium. I call my custom artwork, Ashwork Design Concepts. Ashwork is composed of a natural mix of ash, wood, flowers, earth and stone.
Interests:  Painting, sculpting, recycling, yoga, Northern Thailand bodywork, biking, swimming, breath work (pranayama), meditation, Egyptian and Tibetan death rituals and ideologies. Rock collecting, Free form Yoga on natural rock formations. visiting ancient ruins like Stonehenge, Mayan, Aztec and Egyptian stone structures. The death process and ancient art of body preservation. Organic gardening, healthy eating, live food sources. You are what you eat and think! Blissful experiences!
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